Screening Guidelines for Men and Women

A Man’s Guide to Cancer Screenings
A lot of men may feel invincible to disease, but cancer can often strike without warning. Early detection is the best defense, and the following guidelines will help you get a head start when warning signs appear. learn more

Must-Have Medical Screenings for Men 
Don’t wait until you have serious symptoms before going to the doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent problems from developing into full-fledged chronic diseases. learn more

A Woman’s Guide to Cancer Screenings
Early detection is the key to treating and surviving cancer. That’s why screenings for cancers—especially the five below—are so important. learn more 

Must-Have Medical Screenings for Women
Ladies, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, there are other measures you can take to increase your chances for a long, healthy life: preventive screening tests. These help catch diseases and problems early, when they are most treatable. Talk with your physician about what screenings—including the ones below—are right for you and when and how often to have them. learn more


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