Organizational Structure

Mission Health Care Network (MHCN) is organized as a Tennessee limited liability company.

Board of Managers MHCN is managed by an 13 member physician-led Board of Managers. At least five Managers are representatives of Memorial as a Participant. At least six Managers are representatives of other Participants of MHCN. At least two (if not more) of the Managers must be primary care physicians and at least two (if not more) must be specialists. These physician Managers shall be actively engaged in clinical practice. In addition, as a participating ACO in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (“MSSP”), a Medicare beneficiary representative has been appointed as an additional (14th) Manager.

Managers The members of the Board of Managers are Will Young, M.D.; Anthony Friddell, M.D.; Brett Sanders, M.D.; Collin Cherry, M.D., Davey Daniel, M.D.; Jack Greer, M.D.; Nilesh Patel, M.D.; Paul Kaplan, D.O.; Todd Cockerham, M.D.; Walter Parkhurst, M.D.; Lisa Carkner, M.D.; Troy Hammett; Andrew McGill and Leo Brown. 

Selection of Managers Following the Initial Term, until such time as physician Members hold at least 10% of the Percentage Interests of MHCN, Participant Managers will be selected by the Member from a list of nominees submitted by the Participants (excluding Hospital). Each Participant may nominate one physician, officer or employee of the Participant. Once physicians hold at least 10% of the member/ownership interests of MHCN, the physician members will select the Participant Managers from the Nominees using a ballot process. The Member shall select the Hospital Managers and the Beneficiary Manager.

Officers The officers of MHCN are appointed by the Board of Managers and shall include a President (which is a Participant Manager), Chief Medical Officer, Secretary/ Treasurer (which is a Hospital Manager), and may include an Executive Director. The officers of MHCS are as follows: Will Young, M.D., President; Helen Kuroki, M.D., Chief Medical Officer; Andrew McGill, Secretary/Treasurer and Tod Erickson, Executive Director.

Committees The Board of Managers may establish one or more committees comprised of Managers or non-Managers, giving Physicians more opportunity to participate in the governance of MCHN. Currently, the following committees have been established: Executive Committee, Quality Committee, Finance Committee, IT Committee, and Network Development Committee. 

Ownership of MHCN: Currently, Memorial Health Care System (“Member”) is the sole owner/member of MHCN. However, MHCN is structured with the anticipation that physicians may become, if they choose to do so, owners/ members and eventually own up to 50% of MHCN.

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